Watching a Netflix show on your iPhone is actually not that bad. Although the screen is small, your eyes will adjust to the size of the screen. However, as you know, you’re only limited to watch the Canadian Netflix content. I’ll show you how you can watch the US Netflix content through a service called Unlocator, while still holding your Canadian Netflix account.

Unlocator is a great tool to unblock other Netflix regions too, just follow the quick guide steps below and get started.

Quick Step Guide

  1. First create a free Unlocator account
  2. Follow the setup instructions for your iPhone
  3. Restart iPhone
  4. Install the Netflix app from the App Store on your iPhone
  5. Login to the newly installed Netflix app with your Netflix account info and stream away.

That was it! Now you are ready to stream away. However, if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about this service, then keep reading.

How to Hide Your Location from Netflix on the iPhone

Your location is established through data communication between you and Netflix, which then only allows you only to watch the region you’re located in, such as Canada. However, Unlocator will actually fake your real location, which enables you to watch Netflix from any Netflix region you want.

There are several advantages to this service.

  1. You can change your Netflix location with your existing account.
  2. Your Internet speed remains the same.

You’ll have access to more movies, documentaries, shows etc. than the average American Netflix user, as your Netflix catalogue will include all the other Netflix regions, which are: US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. All of this on your iPhone, and many other devices, while you’re located in Canada.

Can I Keep my Existing UK Netflix Account?

Absolutely! As mentioned before, your Canadian account will remain the same, as you do not have to change or upgrade anything. The only difference is that you’re able to switch between the Netflix regions.

To change between the regions, go to “account home” on your Unlocator account and thereafter into “channel settings”. Don’t forget to restart your device after the region change. Now you can watch Netflix content from other countries, such as the US.

On Which Devices Can Unlocator Unblock Netflix in Canada?

Unlocator can unblock any device that supports Netflix. The list of devices is regularly updated, but as of now, you can use Unlocator to watch Netflix in Canada in your browser, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smart TVS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Roku, Wii, Android Devices, Win Phone 8, Western Digital and much more

Just remember that Unlocator will not work with your iPhone while on the go. It has to be configured on the Wi-Fi connection you are using or the router you are connected to. Edge, 3G, 4G and LTE will not allow you to change the DNS settings.

If you’d like to watch the US Netflix version on your iPhone in Canada, or any of the other regions, then you should at least try the 1 week free trial on Unlocator.


Andrew is a web developer currently based in London. Having lived the expat lifestyle for years around the world, Andrew has first hand experience with geo-blocked content and the most efficient methods to bypass the blocks. Thankfully Andrew has agreed to share his experiences and tricks with us.

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