As you most likely already know, Netflix is the top streaming service in the world. However, since you can only watch the UK Netflix content, I’ll show you how to stream the US Netflix content, as well as all the other Netflix regions available, on your Android with your current Netflix account.

In this article, I use a service called Unlocator to unblock other Netflix regions. If you are in a hurry and just want to unblock Netflix right away then skip the rest of the tutorial and follow these simple steps below.

Quick Step Guide

  1. Start by creating a free Unlocator account.
  2. Follow the setup guide for your Android device.
  3. Install the Netflix app from the Google Play Store
  4. Restart your Android device.

So there you have it. That is basically all it takes if you want to unblock US Netflix, and other regions, in the UK. If you want a little more background info on the trick then read on.

How Does Unlocator allow me to Watch US Netflix in the UK?

The answer is actually both complicated and simple at the same time. We will stick with the simple answer.

When your (Android) device connects to the Netflix service, then Netflix will be able to detect your location via the data communication between you and Netflix. Unlocator hides the original location of this communication and tricks Netflix into thinking you are located in the US (or another region depending on what region you’ve set).

Unlike VPN connections that will slow down your Internet speed, Unlocator only affects the so-called requests that go back and forth between you and Netflix. As a result, your Internet speed remains the same, and your Internet data flows as it normally would.

Can I Keep my UK Netflix Account?

Absolutely! Your UK Netflix account remains the same. The only difference will be that you can switch between the different Netflix regions. This, in fact, gives you all the content that Netflix provides in ALL their regions.

Which Netflix Content can I watch In the UK?

Actually, you can watch all the content available from Netflix and not just the US Netflix content. This is because Unlocator has a feature that will allow you to change Netflix regions in seconds. Simply log into the “account panel” on and select the region/version of Netflix you want to watch. Then log out of Netflix and restart your device. The next time you log in you will now see content from the selected region.

This means, that with Unlocator you get access to all the content from Netflix from across all regions.

So, this is all it takes to bypass the geo restrictions from Netflix and watch other Netflix regions on your Android device in the UK. For the record – Unlocator also bypasses many other sites than just Netflix. So if you want to watch Hulu or any of the other big streaming services from the US then this is the way to go.

Which Other Devices does Unlocator Work on?

Unlocator works with lots of different devices such as your computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Roku, Wii, Smart TV and much more.


Andrew is a web developer currently based in London. Having lived the expat lifestyle for years around the world, Andrew has first hand experience with geo-blocked content and the most efficient methods to bypass the blocks. Thankfully Andrew has agreed to share his experiences and tricks with us.

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