The iPod has come a long way since its early days as a music player. Apps, like the one from Netflix, completely change the scope of this little device. But as you probably know, you can only watch the UK version on Netflix while located in the UK. However, with the help of Unlocator you can get access to US Netflix and watch all the shows you like on your iPod. In fact, the tutorial will give you access to watch ALL Netflix regions in the world with your current Netflix account.

As mentioned above, I’m using a service called Unlocator to unblock Netflix. To start things off, here is a simple tutorial in a list style format.

Quick Step Guide

  1. First make a free Unlocator Account
  2. Follow the setup guide for your iPod.
  3. Restart the iPod.
  4. After that, install the Netflix app from the App store.
  5. Once the Netflix App has been installed, you are ready to open the app and stream away.

It’s actually pretty simple to set up. No technical skills as such are required – it’s very straightforward. If you want to know a little bit more about the setup and what you can expect from the unblocked Netflix versions, then read the bellow information.

How Unlocator Unblocks US Netflix and other Regions on the iPod in the UK

As Netflix is only available in selected countries, the Netflix servers will detect your country of origin by looking at the data requests coming from your iPod to the Netflix servers. By using Unlocator, the origin of these requests are masked and Netflix will think you are located in the US (or another region depending on which you want to use).

The cool thing about this method is that your Internet speed will remain the same, and on top of that, you can change between Netflix regions as you please.

Can I keep my Existing UK Netflix Account?

Absolutely! Your UK Netflix account remains the same. The only difference will be that you can switch between the different Netflix regions.

To change Netflix region, simply login to your account page at and switch to a different region. Then log out of the Netflix app and force restart the app. Force restarting the app is done by pressing twice on the home button, then find the Netflix app on the list, press the app till a small red minus sign appears and press the minus sign. The next time you log in, you will see content from the new region you have chosen. So in other words, you get access to all the Netflix content that is available across all of the Netflix regions in the world – all while located in the UK.

What Other Devices Can I use to Watch US Netflix in the UK through Unlocator?

Apart from the iPod, you can use Unlocator to unblock Netflix on just about any device out there that supports Netflix. The list of devices is being updated regularly, but at this moment you can use your browser as well as Android devices, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Smart TV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Roku, Western Digital, Wii and much more. Check out the full list of devices at the Unlocator website.

So, to wrap things up – if you want to watch other Netflix regions in the UK on your iPod then Unlocator is a great option. You can give the free 7-day trial a go before you decide for yourself.


Andrew is a web developer currently based in London. Having lived the expat lifestyle for years around the world, Andrew has first hand experience with geo-blocked content and the most efficient methods to bypass the blocks. Thankfully Andrew has agreed to share his experiences and tricks with us.

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